Machachari Twins Dead Broke And Begging 3 Years After Citizen TV Pulled The Plug On The Show

Muthuri and Muthure were reduced to living in squalor after Citizen TV pulled the plug on Machachari show in 2019.

The twin brothers said that their earnings from Machachari supported their family and they had no savings thus when the show was cancelled poverty hit them hard.

“Our mother was sick and could not work. The money paid fees for us and our sister, rent, catered for food among other bills,” they said while speaking to YouTuber Eve Mungai.

The twins joined Machachari in 2012 after the producers were pleased with how they performed in the auditions.

The Machachari twins who live in Mwihoko also disclosed that they now survive on menial jobs aside from being chalk boys at pool games.

The twins planned on starting another show with their former castmates but Covid-19 pandemic halted their plans.

“We are asking for financial support and any acting jobs,” the twin pleaded with well-wishers.

Muthuri and Muthure also faced insults and criticism from the people around them when they fell from grace to grass.

“People started disrespecting us. Being famous without money is one of the worst thing ever.”