‘Aki Hakuna Mtu Hupenda Kupata Maskini’ Nyoxx Wa Katta Tells People Who Hates Others Due To Poverty

Nyoxx Wa Katta is a renowned media character who was born in Miloleni village, Kabazi ward, Subukia constituency, Nakuru county in the former Rift Valley province where she did her secondary education before University of Nairobi for a degree in journalism and mass communication.

On matter of marriage and family, she is married to a journalist, Katta and they are honored with two children, a boy and girl. This union appear to be extremely cheerful and effective assuming what she presents online is something on go by.

In her facebook page, the outspoken Nyoxx have warned people against hating others without good reasons because it is ungodly. “Nobody chooses the behaviour and kind of kids to give birth to.” She said. “One might be poor today but very rich in future.” She added.