I want to meet Governor Sonko, he ” is ” my father – Kapsabet man

A young man named Nicholas Sitienie from Kapsabet has expressed his desire to meet Nairobi governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko, claiming that they could be blood relatives. Sitienie has been attracting attention since 2020 when he joined college, and people of his hometown in Nandi Hills and Nairobi have mistaken him for the governor, or believe he is Sonko’s son.

According to Sitienie, his resemblance to the governor has been quite beneficial, and people claim that they have a lot in common. Sitienie likes looking good and socializing, just like Sonko. He was born in Kapsabet town and is the only son of a single mother based in the United States, and has been living with his grandmother for a long time.

“Many people refer to me as Sonko’s son or brother, and I would like to find out from the governor if there is any possibility of truth in these rumors,” said Sitienie. He added that people always mistake him for the governor and ask for financial assistance. Despite this, Sitienie has never met Sonko and wants to meet him soon to ask if there is anything he should know.

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