Mungai Eve speaks on her pregnancy report -

Mungai Eve speaks on her pregnancy report

Popular content creator, Mungai Eve, has once again addressed the speculation surrounding her alleged pregnancy. During a recent Q&A session on her Instagram stories, a curious fan asked about the rumors. Eve humorously responded by saying, “They will have to wait nine months and see if I deliver.”

Fans have been speculating about a potential pregnancy due to perceived changes in the YouTuber’s belly.

However, Eve has previously dismissed these claims. In a May 2021 interview, she stated,

“The rumors have been circulating since last year, but I can confirm that I am not currently pregnant.”

She went on to explain that she wants to focus on her career and that getting pregnant requires both financial and psychological preparedness.

When asked if her boyfriend, who also serves as her director, was okay with this decision, Eve stated that she had consulted with him.