“Mjulus yake Ni Tamu Sana” Lady Impregnated Twice By Her Twin Brother Insists On Marrying Him

If time reversal were an option, Amos Kunde would eagerly grasp the opportunity to undo a regrettable chapter in his life that resulted in his twin sister, Juliana, becoming pregnant twice by him. This unforeseen twist has left the 29-year-old resident of Guma Local Government Area, Nasarawa State, feeling deeply embarrassed and ensnared in a complicated situation.

Orphaned and lacking formal education, Amos and Juliana initially turned to farming for their livelihood after surviving a violent attack on their community. Despite the challenges, they flourished for three farming seasons in Doku, Doma Local Government Area. Juliana’s pregnancy, a consequence of their romantic involvement, remained a closely guarded secret, with attempts to terminate it proving unsuccessful.

Facing judgment from their community, who believed Juliana’s pregnancy was from someone other than her twin brother, the twins continued their nomadic lifestyle. In the midst of the 2021 farming season, they relocated to Tse Ugba village in Keana LGA due to the farmers/herders crisis, leading the new community to assume they were a married couple.

Tensions escalated when Amos, from the proceeds of their farming efforts, decided to take a legitimate wife. Juliana, now a mother of two, vehemently opposed this, questioning her fate and that of her children when the new wife arrived. Amos callously responded, expressing that he was finished with her and in need of a legitimate wife.

This revelation ignited a conflict between the twins, exposing the unconventional and taboo nature of their relationship. Juliana, unwilling to be cast aside after having two children with her twin brother, brought their private affair into the open. The situation raised eyebrows in their new settlement in Tse Ugba, prompting our correspondent to investigate the unfolding scandal.

During an interview, Juliana recounted the origins of their relationship, describing how it started as a joke on the farm and gradually evolved into a secret love affair. She expressed her reluctance to accept Amos seeking a new wife, emphasizing their shared responsibility for their two children.

Amos, reluctantly sharing his perspective, claimed that Juliana had seduced him with deliberate actions, exposing herself during farm work and in the kitchen at home. Despite acknowledging the taboo and abomination in their culture, he insisted on taking a new wife for practical reasons, such as assistance on the farm and concerns about the survival of their children.

Elder Kertyo Abiin, aware of the taboo, acknowledged the complexity of the situation but expressed a desire to handle it through traditional means, avoiding involvement of security agents or legal authorities.

The twins, once united by survival and shared challenges, now find themselves entangled in a web of societal norms, taboo, and personal choices, grappling with the consequences of their unconventional relationship.