MP Peter Salasya discloses one character Trait he would not tolerate from any woman who wants him

Mumias East’s Member of Parliament, Peter Salasya, has openly expressed a particular trait he deems unacceptable in any woman seeking a partnership with him.

In his view, Salasya finds it undesirable for a woman to possess investigative tendencies and harbor insecurities, especially when it involves accessing his personal devices. He firmly asserts that individuals, even if married, do not hold the prerogative to scrutinize his phone.

Salasya emphasizes his stance by stating, “They should not look at my phone because they found me when I was a strong, wealthy person. Not that I am boasting of my establishment, but I have reached a certain level.” He underscores his sentiment by highlighting his discomfort with excessive monitoring akin to treating him like a pet, probing about his communications. He urges those exhibiting such behaviors to refrain from engaging with him, cautioning that attempting to change him would only lead to their own distress as he remains steadfast in his identity.

This is not the first instance where Salasya has expressed such sentiments; he has consistently advocated for a partner who respects his desire for a traditional household dynamic, with the expectation that they assume the role of a homemaker without delving into his personal affairs.

Regarding his familial aspirations, Salasya articulates his intention to have a large family, aiming for 10 children, inspired by the practices of his ancestors. He justifies this desire by referencing historical precedence, citing his intent to contribute to the proliferation of descendants, echoing the customs of his forebears.

“I aspire to have 10 to 12 children akin to our predecessors, as why limit myself to just two? What purpose does it serve?” Salasya asserts, underscoring his commitment to perpetuating ancestral traditions through the expansion of his progeny.