Tob Cohen Sent Sister an Email Reading, “If Wairimu Kills Me Now…”

Tob Cohen’s sister Gabriel Hannah Van Straten on Monday took the stand saying all she needs is justice for her murdered brother.

“Yes I want justice before I die because I’m 70 years old,” she said.

In her declaration, Gabriel said Sarah Wairimu coerced the late Dutch billionaire into wedding her.

“Sarah had told my brother if he doesn’t accept the marriage, he will be deported,” she said.

Gabriel affirmed that Cohen never had a child with his Dutch spouse and never had a kid with Sarah Wairimu.

“When he came into this country, he had a Dutch wife and no children because at the age 27 he had an operation,” the court heard.

On the continuous fight in court for Cohen’s estate, Gabriel said she got instructions from her sibling telling her where to find his will incase Sarah killed him.

“In 2019, I received an email and the first sentence was if ‘Sarah kills me now, the will is at my friend and lawyer Cheges Kirundi’s safe’,” she said.

Gabrielle said the will was opened on September 19, 2019, and Wairimu was not recorded as a recipient of Cohen’s claimed estate.

Making sense of why she never attended Cohen’s burial, Gabriel said her objective was to find justice for her sibling and not to fight over property.

She referenced that she has however used over KSh20 million in the quest for justice.

“I have proof that I have used a lot of money, I have been paying my lawyers, plane tickets, accommodation…,” she said.