Otile Brown to perform Hit Song ‘One Call’. at Brian Chira’s funeral

Kenyan musician Otile Brown has expressed his heartfelt intention to pay tribute to the late TikTok sensation Brian Chira during his funeral ceremony by delivering a performance.

This decision came after an outpouring of requests from netizens urging Otile Brown to honor Chira, who was known to be fond of Otile’s chart-topping track ‘One Call’.

Taking to his Instagram stories, the artiste conveyed his readiness to participate in Chira’s funeral proceedings, aiming to craft a poignant homage to the departed content creator.

“I would be honored to perform the song at the funeral and contribute to making it a cherished memory for him, if feasible… For those attending, I kindly ask that you familiarize yourselves with the lyrics so we can sing and celebrate his life,” he penned.

Otile Brown also acknowledged Chira’s significant role in boosting the popularity of ‘One Call’ following his untimely demise.

“What Chira was doing with #OneCall was simply extraordinary. His passion shone brightly and his love was deeply felt. Sending heartfelt love and prayers. Rest in peace, King,” he expressed.

Brian Chira’s Funeral
The funeral service for Brian Chira is scheduled for March 26, 2024.

In a statement addressed to the TikTok community on Wednesday, March 20, Baba Talisha, a close associate of the late Brian Chira, shared pertinent details regarding the final rites for the content creator.

He disclosed that the funeral ceremony would be held in Githunguri, Kiambu County, the hometown of Chira’s grandmother, where he would ultimately be laid to rest.

“The funeral is slated for March 26, and will take place in Githunguri, where his grandmother currently resides,” Baba Talisha revealed.

Additionally, Baba Talisha extended an invitation to those wishing to bid farewell to Chira in person.

He urged individuals to gather at Kenyatta Funeral Home, clarifying that there would be no opportunity for viewing the body post-mortem.

Furthermore, he shared the grandmother’s wish for Chira to be laid to rest in graduation attire.

“His grandmother insisted that Chira be dressed in a graduation gown. He was exceptionally bright in his academic endeavors,” he divulged.

Chira’s Demise
Law enforcement confirmed the tragic passing of the TikTok luminary, attributing it to severe head injuries sustained in a hit-and-run incident.

Prior to the accident, reports indicate that Chira had patronized a bar in the Gacharae area, from which he was later ejected following a disturbance.

While en route home on his motorcycle, he was struck by a speeding lorry as he crossed the road near his destination. The lorry fled the scene following the collision.

Prompt police response led to the relocation of his body to the City Mortuary, where grieving fans and relatives congregated for a final farewell.

Condolences poured in from various quarters on social media, extending solace to the grieving family.

Fellow TikTok personality Nyako expressed her sorrow, reminiscing about her significant connection with the deceased and urging followers to contemplate their own life journeys and final moments.

Having recently taken a hiatus from social media, concerns were raised about his well-being.

In a prior statement, he reassured fans that his absence was merely a period of self-reflection and improvement following a challenging phase.

“I’ve taken a hiatus after a tumultuous year. I’m doing fine. Hang in there. Not every day is a trending day. I needed to focus on self-improvement, and I feel better now,” he had conveyed in an Instagram post.