Zuchu reacts to Diamond referring to her as a ‘colleague’ after kissing Ghanaian singer Fantana.

The Young, Famous, and African reality show premiered in mid-May 2023, bringing together Tanzanian superstar singer Diamond Platinumz and Ghanaian singer Fantana. During the show, Diamond found himself entangled in a mix of business and pleasure as he formed a connection with Fantana, which eventually led to them sharing more than just a kiss.

While the cameras were rolling in South Africa, Diamond indulged in heavy flirting with Fantana, who openly admitted to enjoying such interactions with men. Initially discussing their music during a studio session, the conversation took a turn when Diamond shifted the topic to sexual matters and the various experiences one can have in the bedroom.

In a subsequent scene, the viewers witnessed Diamond and Fantana engaged in a passionate kiss, as the intensity of their conversations escalated. Interestingly, at the time, Diamond was reported to still be in a relationship with Zuchu, an artist signed to his Wasafi Records label.

Zari Hassan, Diamond’s former lover and mother of his child, made it known to others that Diamond was already in a committed relationship. This information was widely known worldwide. However, Diamond shockingly denied being in a relationship, asserting that Zuchu was merely his colleague.

This denial surprised many across the globe, as Diamond and Zuchu had confirmed their relationship slightly over a year ago in February 2022. Their romance had initially begun in December 2021, but they chose to keep it low-key. Although rumors about their relationship had circulated earlier due to photographs of them together, it remained unclear if they were simply captured as a boss and employee or if there was a romantic connection between them.

After making their relationship official on Instagram, Diamond and Zuchu openly displayed their affection for each other, often engaging in playful and flirtatious interactions online. They also collaborated on music projects and enjoyed luxurious vacations together, including a memorable trip to Paris. The couple shared numerous photos of their time spent at popular Parisian landmarks, earning praise from fans who considered them the epitome of a perfect couple.

However, with the premiere of the reality show’s second season, it became evident that Diamond had kissed Fantana before jetting off to Paris. Subsequent social media posts confirmed his meeting with Zuchu during the same period. This revelation came as a shock to fans, who were unaware of any turbulence in Diamond and Zuchu’s relationship prior to the episode’s airing.

Shortly after the episode featuring the kiss aired, Diamond’s brother, Romy Jones, took to the internet to throw shade at Zuchu. He asked her if she had seen Diamond’s new film, to which she responded with a strong message, expressing her dissatisfaction.

“Romy Jones, I’ve watched the movie. Tell him I said f*ck you,” replied Zuchu.

Up until that point, there had been no news suggesting any issues between Diamond and Zuchu, leaving fans puzzled and curious about the state of their relationship.