Sabato: Women Are Finishing Willy Paul’s Music Career ” Atakuwa Kama Omosh very Soon”

In a recent interview with Plug TV, Sabato Sabato, a controversial content creator and entertainment critic, expressed his views on secular musician Willy Paul and how his career is being negatively affected by his interactions with women.

According to Sabato, Willy Paul is considered one of the top two musicians in Kenya, surpassing even Rayvanny and other artists from the Wasafi label in terms of talent. He applauded Willy Paul for successfully transitioning from gospel music to secular music, which is no small feat.

However, Sabato believes that the primary factor hindering Willy Paul’s progress is his lack of effective management. He asserts that Willy Paul’s belief in his ability to succeed independently is unrealistic in today’s music industry. To achieve global success, an artist must have a strong team dedicated to marketing and promoting their brand.

Sabato argues that due to the absence of proper management, Willy Paul has been left to his own devices, resulting in a series of scandals involving women. These controversies have begun to overshadow his music and diminish his value as an artist. It seems that Willy Paul prioritizes his relationships with women to a great extent, often seeking personal involvement with any attractive woman he encounters. Sabato even claims that there isn’t a single beautiful Instagram or TikTok girl that Willy Paul hasn’t tried to engage with through their private messages. He goes as far as to mention instances where Willy Paul has traveled long distances, such as from Nairobi to Embu, just to meet a lady.

This addiction to women and the ensuing scandals are severely damaging his career. Willy Paul is no longer receiving endorsement deals or invitations to perform at shows. Consequently, he has taken it upon himself to market his own brand, a task that should ideally be handled by professional management.

Sabato predicts that if Willy Paul does not change his behavior, his career will spiral downwards within the next five years. He foresees financial struggles, with women draining his resources, a lack of endorsement deals, irrelevance within the music industry, and the potential need for fundraising efforts by Kenyans, similar to what has happened to Omosh and Mustapha.

In conclusion, Sabato Sabato’s critical assessment of Willy Paul’s career emphasizes the importance of effective management in the music industry. While recognizing Willy Paul’s talent and success, Sabato argues that his excessive focus on personal relationships with women is jeopardizing his future prospects. Only time will tell if Willy Paul heeds this advice and takes the necessary steps to ensure a sustainable and prosperous career.