” Chira Akilewa Huwa Anaanza Kunidara Akiniita Babe” Cute Bodaboda Rider Tizian Says.

In recent times, the internet has been abuzz with rumors surrounding the popular Boda Boda rider from Nakuru, King Tizian, and his close friend Brian Chira. Various sources have claimed that there might be more to their relationship than mere friendship, with many TikTok users speculating that Chira and Tizian are romantically involved.

In an effort to put these rumors to rest, Brian Chira and King Tizian sat down for an interview with an online media outlet to shed light on the nature of their relationship. King Tizian was quick to address the rumors, asserting that he is not gay, contrary to what some may believe. He emphasized that he and Chira share an exceptionally close friendship, which might be misconstrued as a romantic relationship by outsiders. Tizian pointed to Chira’s behavior when intoxicated as one of the reasons behind these rumors, as Chira tends to become affectionate and use endearing terms like “babe.” These actions have fueled speculation about their romantic involvement.

Nonetheless, Tizian clarified that Brian Chira remains his best friend. However, he did mention that he has set some boundaries with Chira, such as refraining from certain activities on TikTok and other actions that could potentially harm his own brand.

On the other hand, Brian Chira, known for his outspoken nature, candidly stated that there is no romantic involvement between him and King Tizian. They are, in fact, best friends who provide unwavering support to each other. Chira emphasized that Tizian is the one person who truly understands his struggles and has been instrumental in his life. The bond they share is one of genuine friendship, and Chira encouraged Kenyans to stop overthinking their relationship, reiterating that it is purely friendship that connects them.