“Aolewe, Ako Idle” Kawira’s Ex Speaks On Their Failed Marriage And How He Was Affected

Ephantus Safari has expressed his indifference towards the idea of Papa Shirandula actress Kawira getting married to his own brother. He shares that he has reached a point in his life where he has healed to a significant extent and is genuinely unconcerned about her romantic choices. In fact, he would be happy for her if she were to find a lifetime partner.

However, Ephantus observes that Kawira’s current activities suggest idleness, as she frequently engages on social media, discussing their past failed marriage in a negative light. He believes that such behavior is a result of her not having a significant other in her life.

Ephantus stated during an interview with presenter Ali, “Stories that people talk about, like someone claiming you helped them in life and now they’re dating your brother, don’t bother me. Even if I were to hear she’s dating my own brother, it’s okay. She’s single, and I’m single. If she hears that I’m with someone, she should be happy. She should stop these dramas on social media and focus on getting married. When she gets married, she’ll be occupied. Her current idleness is the reason for all this. A good man should look for her, and when she gets married, she’ll be busy. To me, I’ve healed.”

Ephantus’s decision to completely let go and forgive Kawira came after he experienced a severe bout of depression following the breakdown of their marriage. He recalled that the troubles in their relationship began when they had children and his mother-in-law came to live with them. In Kikuyu culture, it is uncommon for mothers-in-law to reside with their son-in-laws, and this led to conflicts and misunderstandings. After a period of disagreement, they reached an agreement for his mother-in-law to leave, and they would support her from outside.

Ephantus’s battle with depression intensified when Kawira left him, taking their twins with her. Despite their close bond, they had not had significant arguments before her decision to leave. He tried to reach out to her, but all his attempts were unsuccessful. In response, he turned to alcohol to cope with the pain. Eventually, he realized that this was not a healthy way to handle his emotions, prompting him to seek professional help, including therapy and dietary changes.

Ephantus shared, “I started to heal, but I still felt bitter. Then it escalated suddenly when she began posting things on social media and giving interviews on various blogs. You read the comments, and people are passing judgment without knowing the full story.”

At the lowest point of his depression, he was near death and had to be rushed to the hospital by ambulance. Even then, his attempts to contact Kawira went unanswered. Surviving this ordeal was a turning point for Ephantus, leading him to make a crucial decision. He decided to let go of the past and move forward with his life. He recognized that continuing to dwell on the past could have dire consequences.

He declared, “When I came out of that bed, I made a decision that I would not continue to depress myself. I wanted to start afresh because if I had died, my kids wouldn’t have seen me. Even my ex-wife, whom I wanted to reconcile with, might not have attended my funeral because of the way I had communicated with her. I decided to let her be, and from that moment onwards, I have released all the negativity. I pray to God to bless her with a good husband.”

Ephantus also mentioned that despite their strained relationship, he continued to fulfill his fatherly duties to their children.