Yvette Obura: Why I dumped My Baby Daddy Gospel singer Bahati

As rumors swirl, indications suggest that gospel singer Bahati may be harboring regrets over his decision to part ways with Yvette Obura, the mother of his first child, Mueni.

Yvette recently opened up about the breakup and the obstacles they encountered in their relationship during an interview on Massawe Japanni’s show on Radio Jambo.

She disclosed that her aversion to public scrutiny played a pivotal role in their separation.

“Nothing particularly untoward occurred; relationships ebb and flow. We reached a juncture where our love waned after Mueni’s birth,” she elaborated. When questioned about who fell out of love first, Yvette admitted with a smile, “I did. It’s a phase many experience. Beyond being his child’s mother, I shun the spotlight entirely. I couldn’t cope with it.”

Despite their split, Yvette spoke positively about their co-parenting dynamic.

She described it as “remarkable,” underscoring that it thrives on mutual respect and maturity. “We acknowledged that there’s nothing between Bahati and me anymore; he’s married, and I’m seeing someone else. Where’s the drama? There’s none. We’re all mature, and there’s mutual respect, but divine guidance plays a role too,” she affirmed.

Bahati is now married to Diana Marua, and they’re celebrating five years together. Interestingly, this timeline coincides with the age of Yvette’s daughter, Mueni, prompting speculation on social media about overlapping relationships.

Dismissing these rumors, Yvette clarified, “Diana didn’t take Bahati from me while I was pregnant. Mueni was already born. Social media perpetuates this narrative, questioning how they’re celebrating five years while Mueni is also five. But really, what’s the fuss? There’s no major issue there, though the narrative persists.”

Reflecting on her relationship with Bahati, Yvette reminisced about their high school days in Huruma.

“We fell in love, dated for a while, and then got pregnant. But I stepped back. I had a lot on my plate; I couldn’t handle being a first-time mother while in a relationship with a public figure,” she shared.