“Do not associate us with hustler culture!” – Tanzania slams lawyer Ahmednasir for claiming fake fertilizer was manufactured in Tanzania

Tanzania’s Agriculture Minister, Hussein Bashe, has strongly criticized Kenyan Senior Counsel Ahmednasir Abdullahi regarding the fake fertilizer scandal currently gripping Kenya.

Abdullahi alleged on Thursday that the counterfeit fertilizer, which had been distributed to unsuspecting Kenyan farmers, originated from Tanzania.

In his assertions, Abdullahi challenged Agriculture CS Mithika Linturi and the National Cereals and Produce Board to disclose the source of the fake fertilizer, insinuating Tanzanian involvement. He questioned whether the Kenya Revenue Authority had received taxes from the involved companies and whether the fake product had passed through unofficial routes.

Minister Bashe swiftly responded, urging Abdullahi to refrain from linking Tanzania to Kenya’s “hustler culture.” He emphasized that Tanzania had no connection to the counterfeit fertilizer scandal and urged Abdullahi not to associate Tanzania with such practices.

Bashe emphasized Tanzania’s commitment to integrity in trade, stating that the country does not export counterfeit goods to Kenya. He urged Abdullahi to address Kenya’s issues with shortcuts and questionable practices without implicating Tanzania, as it goes against their principles.

As a Member of Parliament for Nzega Urban Constituency since 2015, Bashe emphasized Tanzania’s adherence to trade policies rooted in integrity and urged Abdullahi to rectify any issues without involving Tanzania.