Marylinda and Rapho Clints Say They Will Not Give Their Kid An African Name To Avoid Bad Spirits

Kenyan content creator MaryLinda and her husband Rapho Clints have recently addressed the significant topic of naming children, especially in light of their anticipation of their first child. Through a video shared on their YouTube channel, the couple conveyed a profound message emphasizing the importance of carefully considering the names bestowed upon children.

They articulated their stance on naming, cautioning against treating the process lightly. One notable aspect of their decision-making process is their choice to refrain from giving their child a cultural name. They elucidated that many cultural names harbor spirits from their historical bearers, some of whom may have had negative connotations attached to them. They expressed concern that inheriting such names could perpetuate undesirable spiritual influences throughout the child’s life.

Drawing from personal experiences, MaryLinda and Rapho recounted instances where their own cultural names had caused difficulties, prompting them to break the cycle of generational curses. They revealed their intention to bestow Christian names upon their child, underscoring their belief in the safety and positivity associated with biblical names. Additionally, they emphasized that any African name given to their child would not be used as a reference.

The couple articulated their firm stance against naming children after deceased relatives, citing the potential for spiritual repercussions. Despite facing criticism from individuals advocating for the preservation of generational naming traditions, MaryLinda and Rapho asserted that their decision is rooted in protecting the well-being of their child.

In April, the couple joyfully announced MaryLinda’s pregnancy, expressing profound gratitude and excitement for the impending arrival of their baby. MaryLinda passionately addressed the skeptics who had doubted her fertility, declaring the blessing bestowed upon them by God.

In essence, MaryLinda and Rapho’s thoughtful approach to naming reflects their commitment to safeguarding their child’s spiritual and emotional welfare, while also celebrating the anticipation of parenthood.