Fake It Till You Make It! Georgina Njenga Defends Her Gikomba “Calvin Klein” Outfit

Georgina Njenga, a digital content developer, found herself in a defensive position when she faced criticism from Kenyan netizens for donning an imitation designer suit.

The young mother had recently posted provocative pictures showcasing her fresh hairstyle and impeccable makeup. She exuded an aura of self-assuredness and appeared fully immersed in the moment.

Accompanying her posts, she expressed, “Revealing my inner royalty👑, reigning with self-assurance🙈❤️.”

However, her reign was short-lived.

Keen-eyed online denizens swiftly detected an issue with Georgina’s choice of attire.

A significant number of people were convinced that her two-piece outfit bore a striking resemblance to creations by Calvin Klein, the renowned American fashion designer who commands a dominant presence in the global fashion scene.

Despite the undeniable similarities in design and material, Georgina’s ensemble conspicuously displayed the name “Calvin Kean.”

The content creator, active on YouTube, was compelled to restrict comments on her posts and address the barrage of criticism she faced as internet users took delight in poking fun at her outfit.

On her Instagram stories, the new mother posted a picture of her attire and emphasized that it was not a counterfeit item, citing the presence of a brand bearing the name “Calvin Kean.”

“In the first place, there exists a brand called Calvin Kean, so mniache (leave me alone),” Georgina asserted, clearly perturbed by the comments. She also included a screenshot from Google of the said company, accompanied by eye-roll emojis to emphasize the validity of her claim.