Girl ‘Pregnant' for two years fully recovers -

Girl ‘Pregnant’ for two years fully recovers

An unnamed young girl from Masinga, Machakos County has been given a new lease on life after a life-changing surgery at Nairobi Hospital. The girl, who was bullied for appearing pregnant for two years, had a condition that caused her belly to swell with fluid, making her look like she was with child.

Her family worked hard to raise the funds needed for her surgery at Kenyatta National Hospital, where doctors were able to drain 5 liters of fluid from her belly. Thanks to this procedure, the girl has fully recovered and is set to return to school this week.

According to a report on the Twitter handle of Brendan Owino, the girl has been given a chance to lead a normal life, free from the stigma and bullying that she previously endured.