Young lady devastated after no-one showed up for her birthday party

A heartbreaking video of a young woman sitting alone at a beautifully decorated birthday party has gone viral. The woman had organized a lavish celebration for her 18th birthday, but no one showed up to the event. In the video, she looked despondent and defeated as she sat at a table by herself. The only other people present were the photographer and the MC who were presumably hired to work the event.

The video was posted on TikTok with the caption, “No one showed up at my sister’s 18th birthday party.” The footage quickly gained traction online, with many expressing sympathy and sadness for the woman’s situation.

In other news, a 24-year-old man from Kano named Suleiman Isah recently married 48-year-old American woman Janine Sanchez Reimann. They met on social media and tied the knot in Gasau Panshekara area of Kano State in December 2020.

Isah revealed that some people are hoping their marriage fails. According to him, some have advised him to return to Kano if things don’t work out between him and his wife. Despite this, Isah remains committed to his relationship and expressed his surprise at the negative comments he has received.