Hilarious-Senator Susan Kihika Links Kenyatta's Family to Kshs 2B Allegedly Looted Daily
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Nakuru Senator Susan Kihika Links Kenyatta’s Family to Kshs 2B Allegedly Looted Daily

Nakuru County Senator Susan Kihika has however indirectly linked Kenyatta’s family to Kshs 2 billion President Uhuru said are been looted daily in the country.

Taking to social media, the vocal senator proposed a possibility of direct connection between the 2 billion supposedly looted every day in the country to the massive wealth purportedly owned by the Kenyatta’s family as leaked through Pandora papers.

“Can we connect the dots and authoritatively say we have finally found where the 2b lost daily is being ‘stashed’? She posed.

Her comments comes not long after an international media house exposed high profile politicians who have covertly reserved wealth offshores. The Kenyatta’s were listed among the leaders allegedly owning more than 11 companies worth more than $30 million (about Kshs 3 Trillion).

As indicated by the paper, the legislators conceal their wealth in a secret entity which cannot be reached by local agencies and authorities and thus the wealth remains a secret.

The expose has set off blended responses particularly Ruto’s allies who have shot the Head of State claiming that he has been asserting to be fighting corruption which is part of.