“Andrew Kibe Ako Na Kamama Huku Yues” Ibrahim Onami Exposes Kifeee - VIDEO -

“Andrew Kibe Ako Na Kamama Huku Yues” Ibrahim Onami Exposes Kifeee – VIDEO

Ibrahim Onami, who runs the popular YouTube channel Huyu Yues, recently claimed that Andrew Kibe is living in the US with an older woman. The pair were spotted returning from a shopping trip, according to Onami.

In his video, Onami suggests that the only white women available to normal black men are older ones, as the models and blondes seen in Hollywood movies are high-maintenance and can only be sustained by millionaires. He also suggests that Mexican Latinas are also high-maintenance and thus are only available to the wealthy.

Kibe and Onami have a longstanding feud, which began after Kibe attacked the US-based blogger and nurse following drama caused by Onami’s girlfriend, who claimed that he was stingy and did not take care of her properly.

Kibe has been living in the US for some time after leaving his radio job in Kenya. He has a large following due to his masculine topics and advice, which women tend to dislike but men appreciate for their eye-opening insights into relationships and marriage.

Kibe was previously a married man and pastor, and his criticism of both family and religion did not sit well with many. However, he claims that his experiences have changed the way he views things nowadays.

Onami goes on to describe the type of woman a non-millionaire man can expect to find in the US in the video below.