Tanzanian socialite Hamisa Mobetto Confirms BreakUp With Her Rich Boyfriend Kevin Sowax

Tanzanian socialite Hamisa Mobetto recently confirmed the end of her relationship with her affluent partner, Kevin Sowax, during an interview with the media. Mobetto expressed that she is presently not romantically involved with anyone, citing factors such as long distance and their hectic schedules as contributors to their separation. Despite the breakup, she spoke highly of Kevin, commending his character.

Speculation surrounding their breakup began circulating earlier this year when Kevin removed all traces of Mobetto from his social media accounts. Mobetto had introduced Kevin, also known as Mr. Chopelife, as her significant other towards the end of the previous year, showering him with affection publicly. She praised him for his gestures, including the gift of a Range Rover and his consistent efforts to spoil her with flowers and lavish gifts.

According to Kevin, he first encountered Mobetto at an exclusive event in China, indicating the origins of their relationship.