“Nikiona Dem Ako Na Nyash Mimi Humzubalia” Pritty Vishy Admits Having Feelings For Women

Pritty Vishy’s journey to fame took an unexpected turn when she fell in love with Stevo Simple Boy. Although their romance eventually ended, it brought forth a gift in the form of Madini Classic. However, this relationship too has now come to an end.

In a surprising twist, Pritty Vishy claimed to be in a romantic relationship with Mombasa singer Madini Classic. However, it turned out to be nothing more than a ruse, as she made an appearance in one of his music videos.

During an Instagram Q&A session, Pritty Vishy candidly addressed her feelings towards other women, responding to a follower’s question about her sexual preferences. She appeared somewhat uncertain about her orientation but did confess to admiring women with curvaceous figures. She stated, “Nadhani coz nikiona dem ako na nyash mimi humzubalia (I think so because whenever I meet a girl with a big backside, I stare at her).”

The outspoken online influencer also disclosed an experiment with dating another woman out of curiosity. Vishy admitted to exchanging revealing photos and even videos with this woman whom she met on Facebook. Their short-lived love story came to an abrupt end when the woman’s boyfriend discovered her infidelity and threatened to expose Vishy on social media.

Reports from reliable sources suggest that Pritty Vishy’s breakup with the “mihadarati” hit maker revealed a surprising truth: she never truly had romantic feelings for him. When questioned about her three-year relationship with Stevo, she confessed, “I used to cheat. Yes, he was a good, kind, and humble man, but he was not attractive. So we couldn’t have conversations like boyfriend and girlfriend.” She revealed that her infidelity stemmed from her inability to abstain from intimate encounters, while Stevo Simple Boy insisted on waiting until marriage.

Recently, Stevo Simple Boy tied the knot with Mrs. Ghee, and the couple was spotted in Mombasa.