Amber Ray Reveals Why She is Not Breastfeeding her Newborn Daughter

Kenyan socialite, Amber Ray, recently shared the details of her one-month-old daughter’s birth, Africanah Rapudo. In an Instagram live session, Amber explained that she chose to have a normal birth due to her active nature and love for movement. She believed that opting for a normal birth would enable her to get back on her feet sooner compared to a cesarean section, which requires a longer healing process.

However, she also revealed that the birth was not without its challenges. Despite the pain, her doctor advised against using epidural to ease the discomfort. Additionally, Amber disclosed that she had stopped breastfeeding Africanah because she was unable to produce breast milk.

Expressing her disappointment, Amber mentioned that she had sought help from her fans in finding ways to increase her milk supply. She had tried various methods, such as consuming lactating cookies and taking pills, but her milk production remained insufficient. Amber felt overwhelmed by the situation and sought advice from other breastfeeding mothers, wondering if her age could be a contributing factor since she had her child later in life.

During her previous pregnancy, Amber had no issues with milk production and had an ample supply for her son. She even attempted pumping but had to resort to introducing formula to her baby. Currently, Africanah refuses to breastfeed altogether.

Amber Ray and Kennedy Rapudo welcomed their precious bundle of joy in May, marking a joyous milestone in their lives.