“Alinitumia vibaya week na hako katoothpick kake na hakulipa” Shakilla accuses Eric Omondi of using her

Shakilla, an emerging presence in social circles, recently shared her interactions with former radio DJ Andrew Kibe on her Instagram account. Shortly thereafter, she used the same platform to reveal information about Eric Omondi.

In her disclosures, Shakilla accused the comedian of exploiting her for free publicity for his performances. Specifically, she claimed that Omondi adamantly refused to compensate her and her fellow cast members for their contributions to the Wife Material show in 2021. Despite her attempts to contact him, Omondi has allegedly ignored her calls, leaving her without the compensation she believes she is entitled to.

The situation escalated when Mishi Dora issued a warning and took a swipe at Shakilla, labeling her as a potential socialite. Shakilla, also known as the “Club Covid queen,” suddenly disappeared from social media.

In response to her absence, Shakilla explained that the circumstances led her to take a theatrical approach to exploit the situation, pointing to Omondi’s alleged exploitation as the motivating factor. During her Instagram live session, she voiced her grievances, stating, “Eric has used me in so many ways. He did not pay me or anyone on the Wife Material show, and his bias in selecting the winner compelled me to find a strategic way to benefit from the show.”

Furthermore, she expressed her intent to gain some form of compensation or, at the very least, increased social media visibility from the incident, saying, “If I don’t get any monetary value from this, at least I’ll get social media presence out of it.”

Shakilla also challenged Eric Omondi to align his actions with his advocacy for supporting local talent, accusing him of exploiting individuals. She emphasized, “Eric uses people. You cannot claim you are supporting artists and not paying content creators.”

As of now, Eric Omondi has not responded to the allegations.