Woow! Isaac Mwaura gifts two single mothers with wheelbarrows.

Isaac Mwaura has gifted two single mothers with a wheelbarrow each in a bid to empower them and use the tool to bring food to their tables.

In a photo seen by Murang’a Newspaper, Mwaura gifted Beta Wanjiru and Abuja Njeri issued the barrows to the two ladies and offered them some cash to start up a small business.

He aadded that the two women visited his home after trying so hard to get a manual job with no success.

“After the whole day of tarmacking looking for kibarua in a construction site, the two came knocking in my house for help. I was meeting them for the first time,” he revealed.

Mwaura aadded that the hustler nation led by DP Ruto will make sure that every unemployed person will get a job.

“Hustler Nation government will ensure a total of Sh 50 billion annually is allocated to the Bottom-Up program and Sh 10 billion to SMEs,” he said.

“Wheelbarrownomics focuses on empowering the common men and women who work hard daily to put food on the table; from tuk-tuk drivers, boda boda riders, mama mbogas, shoe shiners and all hustlers,” he said.