“My colleagues wanted me fired at Citizen TV” – Willis Raburu reveals -

“My colleagues wanted me fired at Citizen TV” – Willis Raburu reveals

In 2020, while still employed with Citizen TV, Willis Raburu experienced resistance from some individuals regarding his change in hairstyle. He recently discussed this matter in an interview with Phil Director, where he revealed that certain colleagues were even advocating for his dismissal due to his dreadlocks.

Raburu shared that these individuals went as far as urging SK Macharia, the head of Royal Media Services, to terminate his employment. However, during an encounter with Mr. Macharia in the corridors of Royal Media Services, Raburu’s worries were alleviated. The chairman looked at him and stated, “You know people are telling me to fire you for having dreadlocks, but aren’t you working and delivering? Carry on with your work.” Upon hearing these reassuring words, Raburu knew that no one could criticize him any further.

The popular media personality also disclosed that his unconventional hairstyle sparked concerns among certain individuals, including close friends and family members. It took them some time to understand the reasons behind his decision to embrace this new look.

Fortunately, Raburu managed to continue finding work with his dreadlocks intact, and he proudly wore them for two years before eventually deciding to cut them off. In another instance, he recounted a conversation with a former employer who questioned his professionalism due to the advertisement of condoms and alcohol on his show, 10Over10.

Challenging this perspective, Raburu confronted the CEO by asking what value he brought to the company. Unfortunately, the boss was unable to provide a satisfactory response. Raburu asserted that condoms and alcohol were lucrative sources of income for the company, and therefore, his association with them was meaningful. He emphasized the danger of allowing others to define him solely based on labels, as it could lead to losing one’s true identity.

Overall, Willis Raburu’s experiences shed light on the challenges he faced in relation to his hairstyle and professional choices. Despite encountering resistance and judgment, he remained steadfast in his beliefs and found solace in the support of his employer and his own understanding of his value as a professional.