“Okay sawa nitatoa makeup basi na usitoroke”- Viral Meme Taking Kenya By A Storm, Identity Of The Face Revealed.

Kenyans are known for their love of making and having fun when the oportune moment arise.

Most atimes, you will find netizens united by a Twitter thread, viral video or and trendy meme.

Memes and viral videos have united Kenyans and congratulations are in order for the Meme kings who go extra mile to make sure that we are served with a good belly laugh.

A viral face has been making rounds in the streets of social media touching every aspect of fake life.

The captions in company of the photo drives the point home followed by a good laugh.

Well, the face of the funny individual has finally been traced.

The guy comes from Ghana and was captured flaunting loads of notes.

At the climax of the video, he makes the face which has now been screenshoted and shared over a million times.