“Nitatumia Kiberiti Mtoto anifanane,” Woman begs man for a healthier seed

A recent WhatsApp exchange between a man and his suspected extramarital partner has stirred diverse reactions among Kenyans on social media. The woman, in a bid for retaliation, solicited a “better seed” from the man, expressing her intention to employ matchbox powder to conceal her plan.

In the conversation, the wife disclosed that her husband was on a one-week business trip to Mombasa. Fearing infidelity, she lamented, “He’s in Mombasa for a 1-week business trip. But I’m sure he’s going to play around with his girls 😭.”

To get back at her husband, the woman brazenly requested the man’s genetic material, specifying her desire for a child who is tall, dark, and intelligent, similar to him. “By the way, I need a favor. I want your seed… I need a tall, dark, and intelligent child like you 😍,” she remarked.

Despite the man’s initial hesitation, the woman outlined her cunning strategy. She planned to use matchbox powder to make the child resemble her, cleverly stating, “I’ve figured it out… I’ll use that matchbox powder; the kid will look just like me.”

“I’ll come and explain, but I’m afraid if he finds out, I will have betrayed my friend,” responded the man, expressing his reservations.

This incident is not unique in Kenya. In 2021, a similar WhatsApp conversation emerged, featuring the use of matchbox powder to disguise infidelity. In that exchange, a teacher’s wife, anticipating an intimate rendezvous with another man during her husband’s KCSE marking trip, vowed to use matchbox powder to make the child resemble her.

“…this fool will be off to KCSE marking. I will be yours for two weeks 🤗🤗🤗 🙈. Soon, I must carry your child. I’ll be on my fertile days; don’t disappoint. … Don’t worry. I’ll use matchbox powder. The child will come out looking like me,” she affirmed.