Michelle Ntalami celebrates 30 days without tasting alcohol. -

Michelle Ntalami celebrates 30 days without tasting alcohol.

Michelle Ntalami has recently marked a milestone of 30 days without consuming alcohol. As the co-founder of Marini Natural, she embarked on this journey not due to any struggle with addiction but because she had lost the sense of purpose in drinking.

Ntalami expressed that drinking had left her feeling empty and drained. In her own words, she stated, “Many roads have led me to this place. I couldn’t have done it without God, and I am so grateful to Him for bringing me here. A good story for another day. ♥️ I contemplated giving up alcohol for some time. To clarify, there was no battle with addiction in the first place. I simply felt that it no longer served me. Firstly, the emotions, locations, environments, and people I would encounter often left me feeling empty and exhausted, rather than happy and content, especially, and somewhat ironically, during challenging periods in my life. I needed to create space for better things,” Ntalami shared.

She continued, “Secondly, I’ve always been a ‘hands-on’ person. But just because I can handle it, doesn’t mean others can. And if you’re like me, you grow weary (and hurt) of all the drama or the things people would say and do while under the influence of alcohol.”

During the 30 days of abstaining from alcohol, the businesswoman listed several positive changes she has experienced. She wrote, “What has improved during this time? Enhanced mental clarity, improved health, better sleep, waking up refreshed on weekends, increased savings, higher energy levels, clearer skin, thicker hair, a life free of drama, enriched connections and meaningful conversations, and, above all, peace of mind, body, and spirit.”

Ntalami added that refraining from alcohol has become a new habit she intends to maintain for the rest of her life. She explained, “They say it takes 21 days to form a habit. I cherish this new habit and plan to maintain it indefinitely, with divine assistance. Currently, I am reveling in all the compliments about ‘looking youthful and radiant’ that I have received. Congratulations on staying serene,” she concluded.