Diamond Platnumz dumps Zuchu

It seems that Diamond Platnumz is no longer interested in maintaining a contrived relationship with his protegee Zuchu. The renowned Tanzanian artist officially announced the end of their association through a candid statement shared on his Instagram stories on January 8. In the statement, he referred to her as “mwanake yoyote” (any woman).

Diamond’s declaration stated, “From today on, I would like to formally announce that I AM SINGLE. I am not currently dating, nor do I have any relationships with any woman. Therefore, no woman should be designated as my partner. If I happen to engage in dating or establish a relationship, I will inform and introduce them as I always do!”

This unexpected news has triggered various reactions from fans on social media. Here are some comments from Diamond’s followers:

shamym8495: “Did he have a relationship? His mother already told us he was single.”

fabian.vema: “He was rejected a long time ago; he just didn’t know. If the mother-in-law doesn’t want you, us elders already knew.”

amondi_sharon: “Who was he in a relationship with??? Don’t attach Zuchu’s name to that past relationship… I’m glad our artist Zuchu will flourish everywhere, even her backside will sway without stress, and she will work hard to win everyone. I’m happy these fake dramas are over. Zuchu is flourishing now!!”