“Willy Paul Made Me Feel so Stupid” Andrew Kibe Cries Foul -

“Willy Paul Made Me Feel so Stupid” Andrew Kibe Cries Foul

Andrew Kibe, a former radio host, has expressed regret over defending singer Willy Paul after Miss P accused him of sexual assault. Kibe admitted feeling foolish when Miss P later apologized, claiming that the apology was just a publicity stunt to promote a song that they released afterward.

In a YouTube video, Kibe stated that he had gone out of his way to defend Willy Paul, but now realizes that he was caught up in the hype. He criticized Miss P and Diana Marua for ruining Willy Paul’s reputation and costing him endorsement deals by lying about the alleged assault.

Kibe believes that false accusations of sexual assault can quickly destroy a man’s life, and he expressed his disdain for the two women who made the allegations.

“Willy Paul has not been getting endorsements for a whole year because because of Miss P and Diana B. Madem walimnyeshea. These two bi*ches lied, opened their mouths to say something which they knew would destroy this man. Lying about sexual assault that is one thing that is going to destroy a man quickest in this world. Imagine that evil that is in these two bi*ches. She comes back a year later so casually ‘I was just emotional’,” Kibe saidabout three weeks ago.