Jones Nyaberi: I used Boda savings to build two 3-bedroom houses worth Sh. 1.5 million

Jones Nyaberi, a boda operator hailing from Kisii, has become a source of inspiration for many Kenyan netizens through his remarkable achievements. Recently, he shared pictures of two houses—a three-bedroom house he built for himself and another house for his parents.

Remarkably, Mr. Nyaberi completed both constructions with a total expenditure of Sh. 1.5 million. This impressive amount was accumulated through diligent savings from his boda boda venture over a span of three years.

Jones Nyaberi takes great pride in the milestone he has achieved and the journey he embarked upon as a boda rider to build these houses. His determination to succeed in life led him to venture into the boda boda business after years of searching for a job with his accounting diploma yielded no results.

“I tirelessly searched for a job, but my efforts were in vain. Eventually, I made the decision to return home to Kisii and began cultivating cabbages. Through this endeavor, I managed to save approximately Sh. 60,000,” he recounted.

With this modest amount, Mr. Nyaberi made the choice to purchase a secondhand motorcycle from a friend, thereby commencing his journey as a boda rider.

One pivotal moment occurred when Jones Nyaberi ferried a customer who happened to work at a SACCO. This client encouraged Nyaberi to start saving diligently in order to uplift his own circumstances.

Driven by determination and a strong will, Nyaberi started saving with the goal of constructing his own house.

“I accumulated some savings and commenced the construction of the foundation for my house. However, given that my parents were living in a dilapidated mud-walled house, I made the decision to halt the construction of my own house temporarily and instead build a better home for my parents,” he explained.

Nyaberi completed the construction of his parents’ house before resuming work on his own. After three years, his own house was nearing completion and ready for habitation.

“My house is a three-bedroom structure equipped with a store, kitchen, and living room. The total cost thus far amounts to Sh. 1.5 million,” he revealed.

“I firmly believe that saving played a crucial role in achieving my goals. Moreover, the financial discipline instilled in me during my accounting diploma studies has been invaluable,” Mr. Nyaberi affirmed.

He advises fellow boda riders to prioritize building trust with their clients in order to foster the growth of their businesses.

Nyaberi has developed a closely-knit network of trustworthy connections and loyal clients, some of whom entrust him with sensitive deliveries. He consistently impresses them through his unwavering reliability.

“In this line of work, trustworthiness is paramount. When you earn the trust of your clients, your business flourishes. Some clients trust me even with the delivery of substantial amounts of money, and I have never failed them,” he proudly states.