“Apana Angalia Sura” Stevo Simple Boy Says He Has A Pure Soul

Stevo Simple Boy, a rapper, has urged his fans not to judge him based on his appearance but rather on his pure soul. He made this statement while sharing a video of himself on Instagram, where he was showcasing different designs while playing a Congolese song in the background.

In his caption, he wrote, “Papa matulinga papa kamirigado, papa malovidovi. Jaime mes fans (yani napenda mashabiki sana) apana angalia sura, angalia roho, kijana roho safi,” which translates to “My fans, please don’t judge me by my looks but rather by my pure soul.”

This message comes after he was heavily criticized by dancehall artist KRG The Don, who mocked him for not knowing who he was and being tagged along with him. KRG went as far as saying that the only job he could offer Simple Boy was to be a scarecrow on his farm because of his scary appearance.

However, Simple Boy did not let the criticism bring him down, and he instead chose to spread positivity and focus on his true self. His message to his fans is a reminder that looks can be deceiving, and it is important to look beyond someone’s appearance and judge them based on their character and personality.