What country is this?: Who is the man behind the profile?,Viral Tiktok spam comment explained.

If you’ve recently scrolled through the comments section on TikTok, you might have come across a peculiar inquiry: “Who is this random white guy?” and a curiosity about the country in question. This spam comment trend has its roots in a creepy pasta narrative surrounding a man’s desperate search for his missing daughter.

The genesis of this phenomenon appears to trace back to January 19th, 2024, when Filipino comedian Fonz, known as @ribsp on TikTok, created a fanfic video. This video narrated the fictional story of Peter Sutherland, a white man hailing from Wyoming. In 2020, Peter embarked on a quest to locate his daughter Sandra, who had gone on an extended vacation to South East Asia. Unfortunately, Peter was unable to board the plane, prompting him to resort to social media in an attempt to find clues about Sandra’s whereabouts. His signature comment became “Which country is this?” as he tried to pinpoint her location.

The eerie twist to the tale is that Peter supposedly passed away in 2023. Despite this, his ghostly “What country is this?” comment continues to appear on videos, suggesting an unyielding search even beyond the realms of death.

Fonz’s video quickly gained traction, amassing over 3.5 million views within a week. Subsequently, the ‘Peter Sutherland’ selfie, accompanied by the inquiry “What or which country is this,” started spreading virally online. This peculiar trend became particularly prominent on TikTok videos created by individuals in South East Asia and Africa.