“Nitakutukana Na Nipande Ndege Nikuje Nikutwange, You Are an Upcoming” Akotheeto Nyako

Madam Boss, also known as Esther Akothee, has engaged in a heated rivalry with Pilot Nyako, the self-proclaimed queen of Kenyan TikTok residing in Germany.

This clash unfolded shortly after Akothee declared her comeback to TikTok with the aim of dominating the entire platform. The conflict with Nyako originated when Akothee referred to her as an emerging star.

Comparisons between Akothee and Nyako have been circulating for some time, with Nyako asserting that Akothee is not on her level, emphasizing their distinctiveness, and boasting about her achievements in Europe while Akothee was supposedly performing in strip clubs.

In response, Akothee dismissed Nyako’s claims, labeling her as a mere aspiring celebrity incapable of reaching her stature. Akothee, asserting her maturity, warned that she has the option to initiate a verbal war against Nyako, promising severe insults. She even went as far as threatening to fly to Germany, meet Nyako face to face, and physically confront her to drive her point home. Akothee cautioned Nyako against disclosing her name, warning that it could escalate into an unpleasant situation.