“Nimerudishwa Soko” Jackie Matubia Says After Breaking Up With Blessing Lung’aho

Renowned actress Jackie Matubia has made headlines after reportedly throwing her baby daddy out of their rented apartment in Kiambu. The public became aware of the couple’s strained relationship when Jackie deleted all photos of Blessing, her partner, from her social media accounts.

In addition to the photo purge, Jackie took further steps to distance herself from Blessing. She unfollowed him on social media and ceased collaborating with him on content creation, a departure from their previous joint ventures.

Recently, Jackie shared a video showcasing her luxurious living room. However, keen-eyed fans quickly noticed a significant change. Previous family portraits, including one featuring Blessing, were conspicuously absent from the display.

Despite mounting speculation and breakup rumors swirling across social media, both Jackie and Blessing have remained evasive when questioned about their relationship status.

A reliable source close to the couple has confirmed that they are, in fact, no longer together. Speaking on condition of anonymity, the source disclosed to Nairobi News that Jackie Matubia has grown weary of Blessing Lung’aho, citing ongoing allegations of infidelity as a major factor.

According to the source, Jackie took the drastic step of evicting Blessing due to his lack of financial contributions, leaving her solely responsible for covering all expenses, including rent.

Following the revelation of their separation, Jackie Matubia humorously announced her reentry into the dating scene during a video conversation with Milly Chebby. The actress indirectly confirmed the breakup by remarking, “Soko ni chafu sasa nimeletwa na Prado. Nimerudishwa soko,” while strolling alongside Milly Chebby.

As fans continue to speculate about the future of Jackie Matubia and Blessing Lung’aho’s relationship, it remains to be seen how this high-profile split will unfold in the public eye.