Lorna Chemtai: From House Help to World Champion in Israel

Chemtai, a native of West Pokot County, flew to Israel in 2008 to work as a nanny for a Kenyan diplomat stationed there at the time.

She was unaware that Israel would have a significant role in shaping her running career.

Chemtai represented Israel in the 2018 World Athletics Championships in Oregon, Oregon, and took home a bronze medal in the women’s marathon.

Dan Salpeter, an Israeli sports coach, is largely credited with her achievements.

When Dan was employed by a Tel Aviv school in 2011, the two became friends.
Before they realized it, they were passionately in love once he became her coach.

She went back to her home after her contract expired, but she maintained in touch with Dan.

Later, they married formally in Kenya before relocating to Israel.

After it became known that she had been refused Israeli nationality in 2016, she received extensive media coverage in Israel.

Israel’s Olympic committee was at the time compiling a list of athletes who will compete for their nation in the Rio Olympics.

Chemtai was about to be cut out because she hadn’t received citizenship, which infuriated many involved in the sports industry.

She received full citizenship after the Israeli government gave in to pressure, at which point she proudly represented her new home away from home.

Son of Dan and Chemtai.