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Pastor Man Kush Laughs Uncontrollably At Reverend Victor Githu, See Why.

Young preacher Reverend Victor Githu has been making headlines few weeks after he revealed what he scored in KCPE.

Well, this time, the young preacher is making headlines again and not because of the exam results, okay yea- it’s something related.

In a video cut making rounds, the young pastor is seen expressing his feelings after receiving insults from a section of Kenyans online.

Man Kush is seen laughing uncontrollably as Victor tables some of the insults like squirrel, due to his size.

The comedian, Man Kush, motivated the young Reverend saying that he has also been receiving his own fair share of insults on social media.

The young man of God came to light few years ago after a video of him preaching went viral, he has also been featured on Kameme FM Sunday morning devotion hosted by Evangelist Lucy Wa Ngunjiri.