” Mtu Akitaka Kukufa Wacha Akufe” Kibe Defends Dj Brownskin. -

” Mtu Akitaka Kukufa Wacha Akufe” Kibe Defends Dj Brownskin.

The scandal involving Dj Brownskin has captured the attention of many Kenyans, who have reacted strongly to the video. While a lot of people have criticized the Dj for watching his wife battle for her life while recording without any intervention, Andrew Kibe has come out in defense of his actions. Kibe, who is known for his blunt reactions to such scandals, appeared unfazed by the public’s opinions as they call for the DCI team to arrest Brownskin.

The content creator stated that a majority of internet users are just foolish and cannot comprehend that a person cannot take medicine for an illness they do not have. Kibe believes that Brownskin was justified in recording his wife taking poison.

Kibe argues that if someone is tired of life and wants to commit suicide, one should not try to save them. Instead, they should be allowed to proceed with their plans, as they may find happiness and peace in death. He went on to say that if it were him, he would have recorded the video until his wife’s last breath, in HD, and would have even asked for her Mpesa pin and bank details before encouraging her to go and meet God.

Kibe has called on Kenyans to stop criticizing DJ Brownskin, as he did nothing wrong. Brownskin did not force his wife to take the poison, and she wanted to die, so he merely granted her wishes.