Shorn Arwa Books A Flight From London To Kenya To taste Matatu Ride

Kenyan content creator Shorn Arwa, based in the UK, surprised her fans by disclosing that she took a flight from London to Kenya solely to satisfy her longing for a matatu ride.

The mother of one explained that she came across a story highlighting Kenya’s beautiful Matatus, sparking an immediate desire for a ride. Having been a decade since her last matatu experience, the intense craving prompted her to promptly book a flight.

Shorn Arwa shared the details of bidding farewell to her husband, completing the check-in process at the airport, and eventually arriving in Kenya, fatigued after hours of travel. Seeking to make the most of her journey, she reached out to her fans for recommendations on the best Matatu route to fully enjoy the experience that drove her to travel back home.

Having relocated to the UK in the early part of the previous year, Shorn Arwa reflected on her unexpected journey. She expressed that, during her upbringing, she never envisioned herself moving to another country due to the challenges she faced in her childhood. She disclosed that her initial visa application was rejected, but miraculously, on the second attempt, it was accepted.

Since her relocation, the mother of one has been living a dream-like experience.