“Wanawake wamejaa kwa inbox wakiniita Handsome boy”Pastor Ng’ang’a reveals the Thousands of Women want Him

The notorious and divisive pastor, Pastor James Ng’ang’a, always manages to grab attention effortlessly, a trait that some other celebrities might learn from.

In yet another viral video clip featuring him, this self-proclaimed man of God has shared an intriguing tidbit about his past, asserting that he used to be quite the heartthrob on this side of the Nile.

In a TikTok video posted by @itsbenaa, the 71-year-old pastor made the audacious claim that he attracted a considerable number of admirers, and this figure didn’t even include the female ushers or the women who pursued him through social media. He boldly stated, “Wanawake wale walikuwa wananitaka mimi ni kama 2,000 hivi. Bila kuweka ushers, bila kuweka wale was social media na social distance, whatever,” indicating that the number of women interested in him was around 2,000, excluding ushers and social media followers.

As expected, Ng’ang’a’s revelation triggered a mixed reaction among Kenyans. Some were baffled by what made him so attractive, while others viewed his disclosure as implausible, perceiving it as an act of exaggeration and boasting.

Here are a few comments from social media users:

  1. evergreen: “But for real this man is handsome. Msijifanye hamuoni…”
  2. Emmy Aimy: “不不不 wako wapi sahizi, I always feel sorry for his wife.”
  3. user2960249505781: “Mpaka social distance huyu na stevo simple boy 不不不.”
  4. tituslioyd: “Usher’s hits different, kumaanisha ni juzi tuu .”
  5. jedidah: “Yuko serious.”
  6. angelinahmwabili: “hehehehe.”
  7. user3152525093141: “Yawa aki wewe kwani were you a slay queen?? 不.”

This video comes shortly after another TikTok clip featuring the controversial pastor, in which he confessed to having limited knowledge of God, despite his role as a spiritual leader. His explanation for this was rather peculiar; he claimed that delving too deeply into the Bible could potentially lead to his premature demise.

“I don’t know God too much. And I am not interested in knowing him because he would take me,” he explained.