Drunk Intruder Shocks Uhuru In Lamu; Bodyguards Swiftly Deals With Him
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Drunk Intruder Shocks Uhuru In Lamu; Bodyguards Swiftly Deals With Him.

President Uhuru Kenyatta will have a story to tell whenever Lamu will be mentioned.

This is after an intruder interrupted and made to the podium when Uhuru was delivering his speech on Thursday, May 20.

The president who was giving a speech during the official opening of the Lamu Port, was interrupted by a man who is said to have only wanted to shake the head of state’s hand but the bodyguards swiftly got hold of the man.

A startled Uhuru, in the video is seen moving to the side as the man pushed his way through the security details, later on, the president apologized to the audience saying,

I am sorry, kila mtu na mambo yake (everyone has their ow situations).

Kenyatta was in Lamu for the Inauguration of a Singaporean MV CAP Carmel which becomes the first ship to dock at the port.

He said that the port will create growth in the Sea sector Transport Corridor.

Meanwhile, Ndindi Nyoro has urged the Kiharu residents to make use of the Nyoka Nyoka road after its completion.

The legislator asked his constituents to make use of the road in transporting their tea, milk and other farm produces to the market.

“The road has come in hand seeing that most of the residents in the upper Mathioya are farmers. I urge them to make use of the road and grow themselves.”

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