MTek, Britam Unveil Cover To Insure Phones Against Theft

mTek and Britam, in collaboration with Buy Simu, have joined forces to introduce phone insurance services in Kenya, extending coverage for phone products across the nation.

During the launch event, Bente Krogmann, CEO of mTek, emphasized the significance of offering insurance to mitigate the risks of phone losses or damages, thereby reinforcing customer satisfaction and improving retention rates.

Krogmann further highlighted that providing insurance coverage for devices reduces instances of defaults arising from phone-related issues, thus enhancing customer satisfaction levels. This, in turn, fosters long-term relationships and loyalty among customers.

Grace Karanja, Operations Manager at Buy Simu, emphasized that the partnership aims to eliminate risks associated with mobile devices, ensuring financial security for both consumers and the company.

“By integrating gadget insurance into our offerings, Buy Simu actively mitigates risks associated with mobile devices, enhancing financial security and protecting against potential financial losses due to device-related incidents.”

Additionally, Britam’s Director of Partnerships and Digital expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, emphasizing that it provides Buy Simu with a tailored solution that aligns with the company’s and customers’ needs.

“We are thrilled about this partnership, providing Buy Simu with a tailored solution that meets their specific requirements. This initiative is in line with our commitment to safeguarding dreams and aspirations.”