“Wameachana?” Akothee’s Sister Cebbie Koks Deletes Photos Of Her Husband

Speculations surrounding the stability of the marriage between Cebbie and lawyer Steve Ogolla have intensified in light of recent developments on her Instagram account.

The couple, who celebrated a lavish traditional wedding on December 28, 2022, initially delighted followers with glimpses of their joyous celebration on Cebbie’s Instagram. However, a closer examination of her social media activity now suggests a notable shift in the dynamics of their relationship.

Cebbie’s Instagram alterations are conspicuous, including the decision to unfollow her husband, the removal of all traces of their wedding and vacation photos, and a significant modification of her username from Mrs. Ogolla E. A. to Elseba Awuor Kokeyo.

These changes have not eluded the watchful eyes of her followers, who are abuzz with questions regarding the potential discord between the couple.

Despite these adjustments, Cebbie continues to wear her wedding ring, introducing an additional layer of mystery to the unfolding situation. Some netizens are questioning whether she is seeking attention or engaging in clout chasing.

This recent development comes on the heels of earlier rumors circulating in mid-2023 about a possible separation, which Cebbie promptly dismissed on October 22.

As fans eagerly await clarification from either Cebbie or Steve Ogolla, the public is left to ponder the significance of these social media changes and whether they indicate deeper issues within the marriage.