Shock as wife chops-off husband’s ‘MJULUS’ for failing to make her reach Climax

In a startling and distressing occurrence within Akolone village, situated in the Igembe North Constituency, a 56-year-old man is presently undergoing recovery at Nyambene Hospital in Meru County following an alleged assault by his wife, a woman in her mid-40s, who reportedly severed one of his testicles.

The accused woman, identified as Karambu Meme, is purported to have committed this gruesome act out of her perceived dissatisfaction with their sexual relationship.

Assistant Chief Edward Mutalii of the Ntunene area, who verified the incident, promptly responded to the distressing report and, to his dismay, discovered a portion of the victim’s mjulus on the floor of their residence.

Family members present during the incident disclosed that Karambu Meme had habitually subjected her husband, Meme Kabati, to painful genital squeezing as an expression of her discontent with their intimate connection.

Upon arrival, law enforcement authorities meticulously processed the evidence and took the woman into custody. She is presently detained, awaiting arraignment for the charges stemming from her alleged actions.

This deeply unsettling occurrence serves as a poignant reminder of the imperative need to address relationship issues through open and respectful communication. Acts of violence and harm should never be considered acceptable solutions, as they can lead to severe consequences for all parties involved.