Edday Nderitu Gushes Over Her Daughter, “I love You so much My Forever Princess.”

Kenyan entrepreneur and social media influencer, Edday Nderitu, has embraced a new chapter of her life in the United States, prioritizing the upbringing of her children and ensuring they have the finest opportunities.

Recently, Edday proudly accompanied her daughter, Shirleen Muchoki, to her prom night—a momentous occasion that filled her heart with joy. Taking to social media, Edday couldn’t contain her excitement as she admired Shirleen’s stunning appearance in an elegant black gown, complemented by impeccable makeup. Edday herself radiated elegance in a black dress adorned with silver accents.

Prom, a formal event held at the culmination of the academic year, is a significant milestone for students, especially those in their final year. Joining Edday and Shirleen was Bernice Saroni and her son, the latter dressed impeccably in a sharp, well-fitted suit.

Expressing her pride, Edday celebrated the remarkable young woman her daughter has become. Despite Shirleen towering over her, Edday affectionately reaffirmed her as her forever princess, extolling her kindness, intelligence, and confidence.

Edday, along with her three children, relocated to the US in early May 2023, seeking refuge from a tumultuous environment. Addressing the situation on July 22, 2023, she clarified that she made a deliberate choice to distance herself and her children from toxicity, particularly shielding her teenage daughter, Shirleen, from distressing behavior.

Dismissing rumors of a polygamous marriage, Edday affirmed her decision to prioritize her family’s well-being. Despite facing challenges, she has managed to provide for her children independently, with no regrets about her courageous decision to safeguard their happiness and security.