Ngesh Kaveve kazoze: Najua Ngoma Zangu ni Za Wana Lakini Zinanipea Pesa.

Emerging Gengetone sensation, Ngesh Kaveve Kazoze, has captured the public’s attention in recent times. Ngesh shot to fame when her lyrics in a song performed with her group, Spider Gang, went viral.

Her lyrics resonated with many Kenyans, striking a chord of relatability that endeared her to a rapidly growing fan base. Within a mere two weeks, the song garnered over 1 million views, propelling Ngesh into the limelight. Soon enough, she found herself in the midst of interviews and receiving support from various quarters.

However, as is often the case, success comes with its share of detractors. Some individuals were less than pleased with Ngesh’s rapid ascent to stardom and the subsequent transformation of her lifestyle. Formerly a hawker, she now commanded stages in clubs, earning a substantial income.

During a live session on TikTok, one of her critics didn’t hold back, accusing her of producing meaningless lyrics that failed to connect with the average Kenyan. The comments were harsh, but Ngesh Kaveve Kazoze displayed remarkable composure in response. She acknowledged that her lyrics might come across as childlike but defended them by emphasizing that those very lyrics were the ones sustaining her financially.

Ngesh’s talent has allowed her to secure performances at several clubs, where she receives compensation for her artistry. She firmly stated that as long as she continued to generate a substantial income through her music, she had no intention of abandoning her “childish” lyrics. Her commitment to her craft and determination to leverage her talent for a better life remain unwavering.