” Amenivutia , Nataka Kumuoa” Stivo Simple Boy Says He Is Ready To Marry Kaveve kazoze.

Renowned and polarizing Kenyan celebrity and musician, Stivo Simple Boy, has once again sparked a digital uproar. This time, his actions have centered around his heartfelt admission of affection for Ngesh Kaveve Kazoze.

Stivo Simple Boy, who has consistently been a prominent figure online due to a variety of matters, recently claimed that he is being likened to the Diamond Platnumz of Kenya. Additionally, the artist expressed his admiration for Ngesh Kaveve Kazoze, openly stating his intent to pursue her romantically. He conveyed that if circumstances align favorably, he envisions a future with her as his life partner.

“I am akin to Kenya’s Diamond Platnumz. There is a young lady who has captured my attention, and her name is Kaveve Kazoze. If she happens to be single, kindly inform her of my genuine interest. I aspire for her to become my wife, fostering a harmonious and vibrant relationship,” he remarked.

This declaration raises some perplexity, especially considering that Stivo Simple Boy is presently involved in a romantic relationship with his lovely partner, Grace. Nonetheless, following his statements in a recent NTV interview, Simple Boy clarified that he and Grace have yet to formalize their commitment. He emphasized that he is allowing her time to demonstrate her qualities, and should she continue to display her positive attributes, the prospect of marriage remains a possibility. However, at present, the situation remains unresolved, and the couple has not arrived at a definitive conclusion regarding their marital intentions.