"Walinikataa Juu ya Urefu" Kenya's Tallest Woman Recalls How In-laws Rejected Her Due to her Height -
"Walinikataa Juu ya Urefu" Kenya's Tallest Bride Recalls How Her Inlaws Rejected Her Due to Height

“Walinikataa Juu ya Urefu” Kenya’s Tallest Woman Recalls How In-laws Rejected Her Due to her Height

Lilian and Mwangi has been married for less than an year now. The couple left Kenyans talking because of Lilian’s height.

They had been trending online after their wedding photographs became a web sensation and most Kenyans were left with lots of questions.

Lilian had recently separated from her ex when she met Mwangi and she had decided not to fall in love with another man after the painful heartbreak.

The couple met in a wedding that they had both attended and that is when Mwangi approached Lilian and requested her contact.

Mwangi claims that he settled on the decision to wed Lilian on his first sight however he never believed that his relatives would dismiss her due to her height.

Lilian claims that her in-laws dismissed her because of her height however that didn’t trouble her since her better half had already acknowledged to marry her.

Lilian and Mwangi claims that whatever point they are together, people consistently stare at them however that doesn’t affect their relationship.

They additionally claim that in spite of their families being against them, they have decide to carry on with their own life and they are happily together as husband and wife.