Karen Nyamu Addreses Claims Of Being A Home Wrecker

Karen Nyamu Addreses Claims Of Being A Home Wrecker

Talking during a YouTube interview , Nyamu talks how she manages social media users who constantly accuse her for splitting a wedge between artist Samidoh and his better half.

“I know myself, there is no way you can comment a lie about me and it affects me. I know I am not a home breaker, my intention is not bad. It is not something good, but it is a situation we found ourselves in,” the lawyer said of her affair with the Mugithi musician.

Karen referenced that she is in a good place with Samidoh as friends and co-parents.

“We are very good friends…we have a child that we both love very much…we are raising the child and supporting each other,” she said.

The former Nairobi Women Representative wannabe talked with regards to a past incident where she blamed Samidoh for physically attacking her.

Karen Nyamu said she chose to open up to the world on the issue since she wanted to speak against the brutality.

“We encourage women to speak when they go through some incidences, in the spark of the moment, I saw it was important to speak about my experience. It was very shocking for me,” she said.